Museum at Night, Friday, October 17th, 2014

We always get one event with this conference where we are guaranteed a good time at some kind of local haunt.  This trip it was to the Portland Museum of Science and Industry, which boasted an animation exhibit and a gypsy folk punk band.  I was totally into wandering around and meeting colleagues, but I'll be honest that the time change was kicking my butt.  By 8pm Pacific time, I was back on the bus and headed towards my hotel for a nap.


For the clothes, I went casual in jeans, a maternity top, and a big ass sweater.  I got this sweater as a gift from the Texas Style Council in 2012, and I always said if I got pregnant it would still fit.  Guess what, it totally does!  I have plenty of room to grow in the next three months.


Crystal earrings :: gift from brother
Pen charm necklace :: Anthropologie
Tan cardigan :: gifted from Lulu's
Cream maternity top :: Asos
Black jeans :: Forever 21+
Black boots :: DSW

Plus Size and Maternity

If you're tired of reading my occasional posts about clothes and being pregnant, please skip this  entirely.  I get it if you are moving onto something else Internet based right now. 
I want to talk about standard maternity shopping wisdom and how it affects those of us who are plus size or cusp size.  The problem is that shopping in those areas--generally over a size 12--is already a big pain in the ass because it's hard to find a good selection in stores.  Combine that with shopping what is often a pretty dismal maternity selection in those sizes, and anyone would tear out their hair. 

Think about the first mantra for maternity--just go a size up.  I'm already on the edge of most retailers sizes (14/16).  I can't just go a size up because that size doesn't always exist.  There are a few retailers like Old Navy and Target that have a true plus size selection in stores, but shoppers end up compromising on either price or quality in my experience.  It can also be hard to adapt plus size non-maternity clothes for maternity use.  I'm looking at you belly bands that stop at an XL.

I've turned to a lot of online shopping to dress myself, but it's not exactly convenient at most stores because of the shipping and size guess work.  I'm lucky that I can fit into Asos maternity so far, and that they have free returns and shipping.  I'm sure anyone just a bit larger than me has to scour the Internet for something on big box sites like Target, Destination Maternity, Old Navy, etc. and hope that something will fit, be made pretty well, and look at least a little flattering.

The inconvenience with maternity shopping extends to other areas for me like underwear.  I'll be up front here and say that my bra size pre-pregnancy was already a stretch to find in most retailers.  Now, as the girls grow, I'm guessing whether or not my band size has gone up or my cup size while coughing up $20+ per bra.  Worse is that I'm told via everyone I know who's been pregnant they often had to size up more than once.  My wallet is crying right now. 

Let's not even talk about how badly most maternity clothes fit someone who started out a size 8 let alone a size 18.  Clothes are either too big or stretched to their limit depending on how far along you are.  It makes getting dressed a bit depressing at times, but when you do find something, you hope against hope it will fit until the end of pregnancy. 

I really wish that retailers would recognize that women over size 12 get pregnant and need proper maternity clothes.  Some of those women have big ole butts and boobs like me.  It would be really awesome if we could find stuff to fit and maybe even flatter our figures in a store.  Trying something on before buying it cannot be overrated, especially with the price of shipping.  Maybe if we're lucky, someone will hear my plea.

Side note:  A lot of people recommend thrifting maternity clothes, and I would just say that unless you have a lot of time to try stuff on and are standard size, it's more pain than it's worth.  Just my two cents.


Lace is My Jam, Friday, October 17th, 2014


I love lace even though I also love skulls and jeans.  I don't know if you'd call that a dichotomy or just diversity.  It was thrilling to get this lace dress and know that it was actually maternity and great for weddings and work events.  Versatility is always good.


I hope you guys don't mind too much that these conference pics were all with my old Canon.  It was way easier to tote around and take pics with in my hotel mirror.  I spent most of the conference inside the first four days anyway.  I also mostly wore these flats because comfort is important. That and my Converse didn't seem appropriate with these dress.


Crystal earrings :: gift from my brother
Green cardigan :: Ruche
Navy lace sheath :: Destination Maternity outlet
Black flats :: Dillards

Look It's a Bump, Thursday, October 16, 2014

I love this dress because it's completely appropriate for work and pregnancy.  It has the feel of sheath with the space for my growing parasite/baby.  I knew I'd be able to wear it to Portland the minute I tried it on.  It may be one of the few things I own maternity wise that assures people notice my bump as well.  Look, it's finally showed up. 


Black tweed jacket :: Loft
Purple and black sheath :: Destination Maternity outlet
Black flats :: Dillards

Random, True Things 10

Let's go all out random this round while I try to figure out where I'm going to live for the next few months.  Keep all of your fingers and toes crossed the husband and I will get our living situation figured out before Thanksgiving.

  1. When I get really excited, I make a sort of high pitched noise.  Of course, this only happens when no one can hear me, so they don't know how weird that noise sounds.
  2. I consider Cherry Coke a special treat even though I generally find regular Coke to be a bit sweet.  No idea what the logic on that one is.
  3. I have never been able to figure out how to use window cleaner without leaving behind streaks.  I hear newspaper works wonders, but I don't actually get a newspaper, so ideas?
  4. There's a program I hate at work but have to use often with a button that says "Execute Job".  Whenever I hit that button, I always think, "Yeah, kill that mug."
  5. Despite all of my violent words and thoughts (see previous random, true things), I've never been in a fist fight.  Let's hope I never have to.

Hat for the Rain, Wednesday, October 15h, 2014


I got to Portland for my business trip a few hours before the actual conference was going to start.  I decided why not go walk around and enjoy the city after flying from 6am to 2pm.  I happened to find a few places to eat and shop including a haberdashery around the corner from my hotel where I scored this cool hat.


I wore jewelry that would be fun since most of my maternity stuff is pretty basic.  These are my favorite long stud earrings and my wind blown, frizzed out curls close up.  I basically wore the same outfit on the plane and to the cocktail mixer except for my shoes.  I wore my Converse on the plane for comfort and put these knee high boots on after we landed.  


It might not have been the smartest choice to go wandering in these boots, but it felt nice to be dressed up and wandering around a cool, new city.  I thought i'd end up wearing these all week, but the weather was surprisingly warm and dry during my trip.  It was a long day, but a good day!


Hat :: Haberdasher in Portland
Stud earrings :: Rachel Roy via Macys
Heart pendant :: gift from husband
Black wrap dress :: Marshalls
Sneakers (not pictured) :: Converse
Boots :: Rockport

The Thomas Crown Affair OR Pierce Brosnan Is Great in This One

I am not a Pierce Brosnan fan.  It's not that I don't like him in movies; it's just that I think he was a James Bond during some of the worst scripted movies in that collection.  I try not to hold that against him when he's in other films like The Thomas Crown Affair.  He rocks my socks off in this one.  The plot goes something like this...
Imagine that you were a wealthy man bored, but very smart.  Might you go on a sneaky trip to the art museum to steal a masterpiece?  If you're Thomas Crown in this movie, the answer is YES!  You would then be hunted down by the incredibly sexy Rene Russo as an insurance adjuster.  But, what if you both start to fall in love? 
I could answer that last question for you, but you need to watch the movie instead for yourself.  A few things that draw me to watching this movie over and over:  (1) Rene Russo is so hot, (2) it's believably funny while being entirely unlikely, (3) intrigue and espionage, (4) Pierce Brosnan was the perfect choice.  If you are a movie purist, you will probably hate me for liking and only having seen this remake version of the movie.  I just can't help it though, it's that good.