Life Update: I'm Moving

It's been quieter here than usual, and I figured I'd take a few minutes to type up a post detailing the reasons therein.  Yes, I did just type therein.  You know you love it.  Anyway, in May the husband and I were like,
          "Do we really wanna put in new hardwood floors and redo the kitchen in our current house? 
           We kinda wish we could use that money on another rental property.  It's such a good
           investment to have rental property instead of having a new kitchen that won't make our house
           any more valuable."
We started spitballing ideas like... maybe we should buy another inexpensive rental and renovate?  OR, maybe we should buy a house we can live in and rent part of?  That speculation quickly led to time spent on, which lead to checking out actual houses.  Then, we kinda realized that we want to move; it was time.
Our house is great, but we only have the one bathroom.  We have no dishwasher, unless you count me, and I don't.  We also don't have a huge amount of closet space.  I'm not talking our walk-in is small.  It's more we have an extra armoire in our bedroom and no linen closet.  So, moving into a nicer or just bigger space really made sense when you added in the bonus of rental income to help with the mortgage.
Of course, the downside of moving into a new house is that you must sell the old house.  The old house needed a few tweaks like taming the backyard, lots of cleaning, paint touchups here and there and everywhere.  We even decided to do a new countertop in the kitchen for prettying it up sake.  These projects take time, so something had to fall a bit by the way side.  That has ended up being blogging. 

I'm going to be on a bit of a hiatus over the next few weeks.  I'll try and pop in when I can with new writing and new outfit shots, but I'm not making any promises.  It's been really hard to find the time to take photos when my camera is getting constantly stashed around, and even harder to find places to photograph as my house is filled with renovation supplies and boxes.  Keep your fingers crossed that I'll be back by early August.

Those Pants, Friday, June 27th, 2014

I've been wanting to try and actually put a bit more effort into my looks lately.  I was getting dressed, and I just didn't like the top I tried with these pants.  I switched it out for another in less than 5 seconds and then spent another 20 on earrings and a necklace.  I am happy to report that while I'm incredibly comfortable, I also feel very put together.


I think I've only worn these pants on the blog once before.  I really do just wear these mostly with black and sandals.  I feel like I really need to do a post where I dress these guys all the way up with a blazer and some sassy heels.  Maybe on my birthday when I will be eating all the steaks.


Pearl mesh earrings :: gift from husband
Silver loop necklace :: H&M (old)
Black sweater :: Target
Black Tank :: Target
Pattern pants :: Old Navy
Blue sandals :: Payless

Hideous Black Dress, Wednesday, June 25th, 2014

My husband hates this dress... a lot.  He told me this morning that someone designed a sack and said maybe if we cinch the waist, it will make it better.  He said they realized it didn't make it better, but sold it anyway.  Now, I don't hate this dress, but I also don't think it's particularly flattering. 


The thing about this dress is it's insanely comfortable. I like to believe that if I wear a slouchy, weird black dress with platform shoes that I'm being stylish instead of just lazy.  You know, lazy, because I didn't put on any jewelry this morning, and I completely skipped that step where I put any moisture in my curly hair.  So, I'm wearing a baggy, ill-fitting dress with wildly frizzy hair and no style extras except for those platforms. 


Black dress :: H&M
Black platforms :: Nine West outlet

Staring vs Noticing Something Different

You're taught from a very young age not to stare.  It's like a natural ability all children have though to lock in on the different and unusual and try to analyze it or put it into a context.  I like to watch the world, so I find myself looking all around while not trying to make anyone feel uncomfortable.  I'm hyper sensitive about staring because I'm personally sensitive about standing out.  
I don't think I regularly stand out because of the way I dress so much as I'm not used to lots of attention.  Even at my own wedding, I didn't feel comfortable walking down an aisle with everyone staring at me.  I hate the idea that my glance in someone's direction would make them feel inferior, awkward, and just generally put a damper on their day.
I still notice the things in life that are out of place.  When something unusual like a person in flamboyant clothing or someone with a visible disability comes into view, I look that way.  I just work on being mindful of noting the difference and moving on.  I let my focus move onto something else.  It usually works great, but every now and then I make a boo-boo.
Recently, I saw a woman with a beautiful dress on, and I couldn't stop checking it out and admiring her style.  I was about to say something when I realized how uncomfortable she was.  That's when I realized that she had no hand on one of her arms.  At that point, if I felt like if I complimented her dress, I'd look like I was trying to cover staring at her differentness, which I hadn't even noticed.  I felt awful.
While I doubt that she will ever read this blog, I wanted to put that story out there.  I hope it serves as a reminder. not just for me, that even checking out an outfit intensely can make someone else feel uncomfortable.  If I had to do it over again, I'd smile rather than staring and say what a lovely dress. 
Do you guys find yourself staring... at clothes, the unusual, the different?  Have you ever had a similar experience?  Please tell me I'm not the only guilty of being an *ss.

Pics Tomorrow

I'm a little bit behind with blogging, so I wasn't able to post any outfit photos this week.  I have a bunch on my camera, so I hope to have something updated for tomorrow!  Typing it means that I have to do it.

Revision:  Pics won't go up tomorrow but I'll be back to posting on Monday.  Hope you guys can wait til then.  I'm pretty sure you can.  Have a great weekend!

Random, True Things 6

It's birthday week over here at Destrehan's Daughter.  I'm 36 and in the mood to overshare about birthday related topics.  Here we go....

  1. I had an awful haircut on my birthday as payment for some seamstress work my Mom did for a hair dresser.  She did a sh*tty job and I've been suspicious of hair dressers ever since.
  2. The only two types of cake I knew growing up were spice cake and banana cake.  I am a cake novice otherwise.
  3. I will admit that I don't love cupcakes.  Even though they are awesome for portion control they always have too much icing for me.  Muffins are, however, my jam. 
  4. I bought a lottery ticket on my 18th birthday and again when I turned 21 because Louisiana made it legal when I was 18 and then rolled back the age to 21 six months later.  We are not known for our intelligent politics here.
  5. My Mom came with me to buy my first drink, cheap vodka from the grocery store, and I never got carded.  Wish I got carded way more now.
  6. Bonus, here's my first ever birthday style photo on my 32nd birthday.  I seem to misunderstand that the camera reverses the picture here, so it looks like I'm actually 23.  Anyone who believes that I'm in fact now only 27 four years later is my favorite person in the world. 


The Gymnast, Or Why I Am Fascinated with Aerial Silks

IMG_3675 copy
Blurry shot of me being all gymnastic and shiz
I've never started out a TV and movie post with a photo of myself before, but I've also never been inspired quite the way I was by the movie The Gymnast.  I love this story of a woman who finds meaning in her life, but also I love the beautiful aerial silk moves that the characters do in their performances.  Let me explain.
Jane is a former gymnast, current massage therapist, and unhappy wife trying to conceive a child.  She's miserable in her life until she is introduced to aerial silks.  She and another woman named Serena start to practice complicated and fabulous moves ten to twenty feet in the air.  Sparks start to fly between Serena and Jane right as their show gets some attention from potential venues in Vegas.  And, that's all I'll say about the plot because you need to watch this on HULU.
Reasons this movie is awesome include both actresses are also incredibly talented athletes in real life.  There are no stunt people performing tricks in this movie.  Dreya Weber (Jane) is an amazing gymnast, and Addie Yungmee (Serena) is a beautiful dancer.  They inspired me to try aerial silks the first chance I got.  I wasn't amazing at it because I'm not an athlete, but I loved the feeling.
Reason number two... Jane discovers that she can change her life to make herself happy.  She doesn't always make perfect choices along the way, and there is no clear villain or bad guy.  This story shows what a real person who shakes up their world will experience.  It inspires me to make my own life beautiful and worthwhile and not to rely on anyone else for that inner happiness.
Are you convinced yet?  Say yes.  If you do watch The Gymnast, please let me know what you think.