My Capsule Wardrobe

My story goes like this...

Have baby.  Three months later, pull out all of my neglected clothes and hang them in the closet.  Realize how much my shape and my opinions on my old clothes have changed.  Start shopping for stuff that fits and feels great.  One month ago, look into my closet again and realize how much can really go.  So, I create two bags of clothes, one to hold onto for 6 months in the hopes of losing weight and a second to sell.

My typical style now

What's left in my closet of non-maternity, non-post partum clothes?  It's really weird, but I have a capsule wardrobe at this point.  I have just a few of everything... a few dresses, a few skirts, a few tops, a few blazers, a few pairs of pants.  And, somehow, that doesn't bother me at all.  In fact, getting dressed is really easy.  I don't have to think about it much when I get up.
There are definitely days when I wish for a few more basics in color, like this blue dress that I love, and miss, and is in the keep in hopes of losing weight bag.  I could definitely build out my wardrobe in the touch of color department with a few key pieces, but I'm fine to wait for that blazer, pair of boots, and a dress or two. 
My favorite blue skater dress

And when those new pieces make their way into my closet, I won't be surprised if other stuff leaves. I'm getting pretty ruthless about what I hold onto even though I have a giant closet.  It just doesn't make sense to me to hold onto something I'm not using.  I'll probably go through again as the seasons change in New Orleans (in like November) and cull like mad.  Just call me the mad culler capsule wardrobe wearer.  Or you can call me Sarah. :)

Shopping Bags in September 2015

I'm culling my closet hardcore lately to get rid of whatever's not working.  I have a huge pile of clothes I'm going to try and sell either via consignment or online to make back a little cash.  In the mean time, I'm realizing I need a few things like a white shirt, more black shirts (my favorite), a colorful blazer, a pair of sturdy winter boots.  Here's what I've gotten off that list.

September 2015

A white tank with lace shoulders for $10 from Marshalls is see through, but it's a great basic.  I really have trouble finding opaque white tops but even sheer ones are such workhorses that I caved at the cheap price.
A black tank with a silver mesh collar for $25 from Target is apparently the only color shirt I really like.  I could wear shirts with patterns and not neutrals, but black is just soooo easy.
A pair of gray shorts for $5 from Target are late season for you, but perfect for me.  I should've bought these shorts like two months ago but it's still warm in NOLA so I know I'll wear them into October.
A pair of black and white embroidered shorts from Target for $20 will take the pressure off my new gray shorts and my only pair of jorts.  Yup, I only had one pair of shorts all summer before buying these two pairs. 
Black, slim leg ponte pants from JC Penney for $25 will come in handy when I put those shorts away for Fall.  Now, I have two pairs of work appropriate pants, and two pairs of jeans that fit.  I think I'm becoming a minimalist.

Mini-Golf, Saturday, September 12th, 2015


If you've been reading the blog for several years, you know that every September I go to Florida with my huge family.  This year we headed off again for cider on the beach and all of the eating permissible to one group of people.  We took a break one night to go play mini-golf at the coolest little place in Fort Walton, FL.  They even sell candy cigarettes which are nearly impossible to find anywhere.


I packed these shorts to play actual golf with my Dad, but they worked just as well for a 70 degree night spent putting through windmills and bowling pins.  I wore this t-shirt that I practically never take off and simple sandals with my hair curly.  It's pulled up here because it's the day after but the same outfit.  Just imagine curly hair.


I took pictures on the beach because why not.  It's much prettier than the dark photos we got as a group in front of a kangaroo and dinosaur.   Plus, sunset on the beach and awkward faces is magic.  That's why they call it golden hour.

T-shirt :: Anthropologie
Grey shorts :: Target
Nude and silver sandals (not pictured) :: DSW


I had this cute post all cued up and ready for this morning about an outfit I wore on vacation with the family, but I forgot to upload the photos to Flickr.  Yeah, epic fail on my part.  I have been running a bit ragged lately, so forgive me, Internet friends.  I could list all of the stuff I've been doing besides blogging, but most of it's tedious and yucky.  You guys don't want to hear me complain about home repair issues and boxes and blah blah blah.
Instead, let's talk about a few key pieces I'd like to add to my wardrobe.  I have been shopping hard core for a new blazer in a dark color, preferably blue.  I want a new pair of fall/winter boots.  And, I'm wayyy over my current diaper bag.  I need help sourcing some new stuff, and I need suggestions on where to shop.  Here's what I'm thinking...
Where do you guys shop for a standard long sleeve blazer with a single button and hem that falls near the hip?  I've heard good things about the Limited's new line but haven't stopped in.
Where do you guys suggest I look for a really comfortable bootie that is under 2.5 inches high in either maroon or maybe blue?  I find a bunch of options online but I need to try these on.  I have seen some cute blue Danskos that look like those Swedish Hasbeens. 
Where can I find a black, maybe leather, medium sized cross body bag that has at least two inner pockets?  I reaaaaaalllly don't want a traditional diaper bag.  They are not my jam, and my current one works for lots of stuff but not like runs to the grocery or out shopping.  I'm thinking Asos or Modcloth.
Share your collective Internet wisdom with me, and let me know if you have any similar shopping needs.  I am more than willing to help you guys find stuff, too!  I'll be back with more next week.

Cute Things

I saw some cute things this week. and I wanted to share cause why not.
  1. I saw a squirrel walk high wire style over a powerline some 40 feet in the air just to avoid traffic on a two way separated lane street.  Brilliant little sucker!
  2. I saw a puppy jump in fear at a skateboarder passing by. He was fine in a second, but man was it adorable.
  3. The Kid uses a pacifier, and I make her smile by stealing it.  Then, I offer it back and if she's interested, she opens her mouth.  This week I opened my mouth when she was holding it and she popped it in my mouth.  Sharing is love people!

Living in an no XL World

I wondered to myself this morning what it must be like to live in a world where you don't ever use XL (extra large) clothing.  I was browsing through some of my favorite blogs on Bloglovin and came across someone's recommendation for a cute item.  I clicked the link and knew immediately that this was a small person's choice for other small people because it only came in XS, S, M and L.  It was the choice of someone who has never been a size 12 or up, someone who has never had very large hips or a large bust or a large butt. 
First, let me say that I don't begrudge a smaller person their smallness at all.  We are all different and should embrace that.  I just wonder what this person's world view is like.  Do they not have any friends who are cusp or plus sized?  Do they not have anyone in their life who has ever said "I wish I could shop at Madewell, Urban Outfitters, Express, etc., but they don't carry my size?"  I don't know if this person (whose blog I love) just didn't ever think about it because it hasn't affected them or if they legitimately don't consider the larger women in their audience.
With all of the media coverage about how fashion is becoming so inclusive--which I'm not sure of personally--how can the circumstances of cusp and plus sized women still be off the radar of so many?  I see this when clothes stopping at L or a size 12/14 in so many shops, on so many blogs, and it makes me sad.  I want to wear the pretty clothes, and I'm willing to spend my hard earned cash to do that.  I wonder what it will take for the gap between standard sizes and cusp/plus sizes to disappear.
Any personal observations from the extra small, small, medium, large, and extra large readers out there?

More of the Same, Monday, August 31st, 2015

I went shopping over the weekend with OBB (my oldest bestest buddy).  We don't get to hang out as much since we have had kids, but it's always the best seeing her.  We just click, and I know that even when things are hard, I have someone in my life who gets me.  I'm lucky to have several friends I feel that way about.


Onto clothes, I bought this skirt while we were shopping because I'm officially into bandage skirts as my only skirt option.  I still like pencil skits and skater skirts, but you will see more of the same type of skirt in future outfit photos.  It's a super flattering and easy to match with everything tribal black and white print. 


I also got to visit with my tiny new nephew, who is adorable.  Is there something cuter than adorable?  His mom, my sister, A, is pretty awesome, too.  Love you guys even though I know you're not reading the blog.  Hey to everybody else who is reading as well.  Thanks for sticking with me as I transition back to posting once a week or so.

Sunglasses :: Loft
Ring :: Loft outlet
Necklace :: Forever21
Blue cardigan :: Loft
Black tank :: Target
Bandage skirt :: Maurices
Clogs :: Dansko