Post-Birth Shopping Wish List

Don't adjust your eyewear, I am in fact posting online content.  As of this moment--on January 27th--I am still way pregnant, but I am also near the end of my stint as a human incubator.  I find myself really wanting to go shopping when Spring clothes hit the market.  I want sandals and pretty dresses and easy, super easy stuff to wear. 
I have been contemplating my old wardrobe a lot as I stare into my newly cleaned and organized closet.  (It's huge by the way and awesome because I don't have to share it!)  I'm a little tired of the same few maternity and non-maternity pieces I can fit into, and I am lusting after some of my old stuff.  I feel like a style change will be inevitable though once I have to cart around a tiny spit mogul. 
Here's what I'm thinking would be awesome:

Swedish Hasbeens, Trashy Diva, Old Navy, LOFT

Low heeled Swedish Hasbeens are totally on my radar. I keep wanting to wear my heels but realize that a super high heel while carrying an infant is probably a bad idea. I am the queen of clumsy, and I'd rather my kid not have a dent in her head. These are the perfect compromise because I can wear them on weekends and to work with business casual outfits.

Trashy Diva dresses are my jam. I love this store. I tend to go more for their patterns than the solids but just look at that red dress. It's so perfect by which I mean machine washable, lightweight and transitional from work to weekends depending on what I pair it with. My favorite styles are this one and this one, so I need to start losing baby weight right NOW.

The last thing I really want back are skinny pants that don't have giant elasticized waists with easy tops and vaguely badass jackets. I picked a selection from some of my favorite stores, Old Navy, Loft and Anthropologie. I have lots of this stuff in my closet now, but I'm sure I won't mind trawling the sale racks in a few weeks for refresher pieces. I'm looking at you Anthro sale closet and Lou & Grey collection.

Are you guys in the midst of a style change or are you chugging along steadily in your current wardrobe loves?

A Hiatus

Sometimes, you stop working on a project, and you miss it terribly.  Blogging has been that for me for years.  I've always managed to find a way to reinvent this hobby to keep me coming back from hectic times in my life with a renewed vigor.  BUT, I'm just not finding my motivation these days. 
I wish I wanted to share my outfits because I'm still having fun with clothes.  I wish I wanted to pick up my camera now that I can find it easily in the new house.  I wish I wasn't finding my relaxation and passion in other aspects of my life offline.  BUT, I am doing all of these things, and I don't anticipate that ending.
I wanted to say thank you to all of you who stop by, comment, and just generally encourage me to share online.  It's been a wonderful experience these past few years, and I'm not sure I'm ready to give it up.  I just know that right now it feels like a good time to walk away without the expectation to return. 
I hope I pop in occasionally with photos or comments or updates for you guys, but I just don't know.  Life feels very tenuous with the amount of change that's headed my way.  You guys are awesome, and I'm sure I'll still be lurking around reading your stuff.  Don't forget you can still email me, too.
With Lots of Love,
Destrehan's Daughter

Shopping Bags in December 2014

Happy New Year!  Let's start off with another shopping bags post. 

Not surprisingly, I haven't bought anything in December for myself.  It's not that I'm so good at Christmas shopping that I resisted temptation.  Really, I just spent all of my time shopping for my new house--paint, wall patch, brushes, rollers, lock set--you know the good stuff.  I barely got presents knocked out before it was too late let alone anything new for me. 

I think the not shopping is a good thing though.  I mean I'm about to pop out a person and then I will not need any new maternity stuff.  Then, I will hopefully size back down into some of the non-maternity items I bought to tide me over until maternity clothes.  Then, I hope I can wear some of my old standbys again.  I wonder if I can continue on this no new purchases trip a few more months into the year?

Favorite Outfits this Year 2014

I really enjoyed putting together a favorite outfits of the year post last time I did it.  It seemed like a good way to remember what is in my closet, especially since a bunch of stuff doesn't fit with the pregnancy.  And, it's a great way to actually post some photos of clothes on this supposed style blog.  Here are my 2014 faves in no backwards year order, plus one from 2013.

 This blue lace dress with block heels was awesome for a wedding while pregnant.  It almost made me stop missing my previous favorite blue skater style dress, ALMOST. 

IMG_1350 tweaked
I was headed to a family crawfish boil in this outfit.  I love how easy the shorts and tank are, and how much more polished it looks with the hat and jewelry. 

This pink dress is so comfortable and I really liked the pairing of brown in the shoes and black in the sweater.

I love the colors in this outfit and how I combined a bunch of stuff I loved wearing into one look like the green sweater, oxford heels, and grey zipper pants.  I've missed those pants during pregnancy.

This blue skater dress is probably my favorite thing ever.  I loved the casual business look I crafted here with my sweater and big circle scarf.  I need to find that circle scarf.

Technically, this outfit came from December 2013, but it would've been posted in 2014, so I'm using it.  I miss my leather pants, and I felt like such a badass wearing this to work.  I need more badassery in my life these days.

Let's Catch Up

I hate not writing on the blog, and I really wanted to post an update on life lately.  I have dumped a few photos from my phone but also wanted to share on the many fronts in my life like moving, work, person growing, and clothes.
Baby's room painted but empty

We are in our new house, and it's mostly painted with most of the projects done.  We still need to fix a broken back door, hang curtain and pictures, unpack a million boxes, and assemble a sh*t ton of baby furniture.  BUT, I have a place to sleep, and I can generally find my clothes, so that's progress.  I wish I could say there was cooking happening, but you have to have access to dishes and pots and pans for that.  Once I get those unpacked, I can wash them in a dishwasher though, so now, I'm fancy.

New Curtains for the Master

Work... Well, I'm wrapping up the last of the projects I am supposed to complete before my work hand off starts.  It is much harder than I ever anticipated to let go of some of my work responsibilities.  I really like my job, and I know I will miss it even though I won't miss busy season in February to April.

It's that pleasant time of year when everything starts to wind down in the office, too, and I'm going to get a big chunk of time off for the year end break.  I plan to spend this time off sleeping and finishing my house.  I cannot wait for the chance to sleep as late as I want! 
New floors installed and clean
The person growing is going well.  I'm having a girl, and I plan to refer to her online as the Kid because in my mind I'm subtly referencing Prince's character in Purple Rain.  Feel free to roll your eyes.   I don't plan on posting much about her online, but I did feel like it was okay to share a photo of dapper baby clothes.  She's gonna be a hat person just like her Dad and who doesn't love a baby in suspenders. 

Dapper baby clothes

My clothes... well, I get dressed but it's very uninteresting in that I often wear leggings and all black.  I want to be putting in more effort, but there just isn't time in the day.  I spent most weekends before the move in the same ratty, paint covered outfit of old capri sweat pants, oversized college tee, and blue bandana to protect my hair from paint.   It's not sexy, and you should be way happy that you aren't seeing it right now. 

I do have to admit I've let myself wear sneakers to work way too much and that I am using leggings as pants when I get desperate.  I have all these pretty dresses and no time to shave my legs.  First world problems, right?  I will just keep chalking up my sorry state to moving and pregnancy.  People will let you get away with a lot of shiz when you're growing a person like blogging sporadically.  :)

Random, True Things 11

I am super happy to be able to add another post to this series with everything going on.  To accompany my general state of worn-out-ness, here is the exhaustion themed version of random, true things. 

  1. Sometimes, I sleep flat on my back with my hands across my chest.  It's only when I'm incredibly sleepy, but I know people think it's weird to sleep the way a corpse is posed.
  2. You can tell how worn thin I am by the back the state of my desk.  If it's covered in bills, papers, and my desk chair is piled high with coats, sweaters, and purses, I'm in over my head.
  3. Shift dresses are my secret weapon for looking put together when I don't have any time to make an effort in the morning.
  4. I love to have a schedule knowing where I'll be for the next few weeks, but if there's too much stuff in one day, I get totally overwhelmed before those events even happen.
  5. My secret comfort food is Chili Lime Shrimp ramen.  It takes mere minutes to make and is incredibly filling for those times I just can't be bothered to make a sandwich or drive to a restaurant.
I hope to have another one of these in January, but no promises, ladies and gents.

Moving... Finally

Back in July, I was all like, "Hey guys, I'm moving!"  Then, I waited and waited and waited, and the right house eluded me.  Turns out you can't have all the things you want when you're moving in a hurry because of the tiny person growing inside of you.  Compromise became the name of the game.
I really wanted to find a place that had more space, income from a rental property, and a zip code in Orleans Parish.  The good news is that I was able to find something that ticked off most of those boxes.  The new house is bigger, just not as big as I wanted.  It's closer to Orleans Parish, but not within its boundaries.  At least, I got the rental property part! 
So, an offer was placed, financing was sought, and the headaches began.  Man, oh man, do I hate banks right now.  I don't even want to go into the details of how stressful it's been trying to buy a house that's going to cost me less money a month.  It's nuts.  Add to that selling the old place, which is under contract.  Hooray!  AND, let's not forget that I'm still growing a tiny person who will make an appearance in the next eight weeks.
The good news is that most of the details are worked out, and I'll be moving into my new place very soon.  The bad news is that all of the extra stuff has made me a sucky blogger.  I haven't taken any real photos since I was in Portland.  I have new clothes, and I'd love to be showing them online. but most days there's not enough time.
I've been doing this stuff instead:  absurdly long and late at night birthing classes, constant doctor appointments, picking out new paint colors, scanning hundreds of documents for the bank, keeping my house picture perfect for showings, packing all the breakables in my house, wondering when the hell I'll be able to buy Christmas presents, researching and registering for more stuff than any human should need for the baby, selling extra furniture on Craigslist, buying new furniture on Craigslist, clearing my closet of all the clothes that no longer fit, and on and on. 
It's nice to be able to just sit down and write this post finally because I really do miss blogging.  I really wish that maybe I had taken on a few less tasks while pregnant--like a rational person.  I also wish I had some content that would be going live soon, but I am tapped out right now.  When I get down time, I spend it offline because come January, I will the tiny person's b*tch. 
I'm not saying I'm going to disappear entirely because there are holidays and parties to get dressed up for this time of year.  I will definitely be trying to capture photos of myself all dolled up because I will need to have an online depository of myself looking good when I'm home covered in spit.  I just want to prepare you all for the sporadic nature of how things will be for awhile.  I am super hopeful that some of you might be interested in guest posting.  Send me an email if you are!  Hope to see you guys very soon.