The Time Has Come....

To say goodbye, my friends.  It's been months of not writing, not photographing, and not missing either.  I have loved this hobby, the friends, the supportive community, and the chance to explore my ideas and personal style.  You guys have been fabulous!  While I still voraciously read blogs of all types (style, mom, photography, travel), I just don't see myself writing one anymore.  It's definitely bittersweet to not identify as a blogger anymore, but it's time.

For now, I want to leave Destrehan's Daughter online, so that I can look back at old pictures and what I've written.  There may come a day when I make the site private though.  If you stumble over this way and get one of those private notices, you can still email me.  Write this down or add it to a contacts list:  I love corresponding online and writing letters.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!

Destrehan's Daughter

Where, Oh Where?

Where, oh where have I gone, you might be asking? Then again, maybe you aren't asking that since this is a pretty small blog with just a few followers.  Most of you guys are online friends at this point though, so here's my answer: offline.  

I'm just not on my blog much at all this last month.  I'm checking your awesome blogs and commenting when I can.  I am not, however, taking photos or thinking too much about taking photos or even writing down my monthly purchases.  

I'm not ready to say the time has come where I'm not blogging, but I know that I'm not planning to write anything and post it.  Of course, I've said this before and then come back with refreshed vigor and interest.  So, I'm not shutting down my site or making any grand farewells.  I'm just taking an extended break.

Thank you guys for always reading my foolishness and checking out my six years of self-portraits.  

Destrehan's Daughter

Life Lately

I feel like I really posted a downer a few weeks ago with that I don't like the way I look so I don't get dressed up post.  Maybe if not for you guys, then definitely for me.  I have been totally offline when it comes to blogging.  Today is probably the first chance I've had to try and catch up on everybody else's awesome lives.  If you've emailed me lately or commented, thank you for your nice words and support.  Appropriate responses are on the way!

Oddly enough, that wallowy post sort of spurred me into action offline to make subtle changes.  I've been doing the mindful eating thing, trying a new class at a baby friendly Barre studio, and I've been walking and dressing up.  Those last two things aren't always happening at the same time, just for reference :).  I think maybe it's the beautiful weather we're having in New Orleans that is a good motivator to be outside exercising.

In terms of what's been happening lately, I'm trying to be less hard on myself, and I'm trying to really figure out my style again.  I want this whole dressing up thing to be easy and fun again.  Venting and trying to look nice has made a huge difference although work is stupid busy and sucking up a lot of my creative energy.  Until I take actual outfit photos here are some pictures from my phone you guys might enjoy.

Matching Mom and daughter motorcycle style boots

I couldn't find my flask for Mardi Gras so I used an old baby bottle for my dirty martini that the Kid didn't need any more                  

These are the other new pair of boots I've been wearing nonstop when I'm not in the motorcycle ones.  

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2016

I decided to take a walk today at work because it's so beautiful.  It felt weird when I initially headed out to get lunch because there were so many students in between classes.  I was too conspicuous with my plans to aimlessly walk and so instead, I grabbed lunch and headed back up to my office.  25 minutes later, I decided it must be quieter, and I needed to get outside.

It was really nice to be outside on my own with no plan and 30 minutes to kill.  While out, I saw a girl wearing maroon doc martens and a maroon velvet skater skirt that made me feel like no time had passed since I was in college.  I saw a guy at the edge of campus smoking because you can't technically smoke on campus anymore.  A young lady told me that I looked nice, and that totally made me smile.  I took this picture of the house I loved looking at when I walked to class in school.  It's still sooo pretty.

I had every intention of getting outfit photos and then I went to dinner and got spaghetti sauce all over my jacket.  Epic fail.  Next time, ladies and gents.

Like a Reporter, Tuesday, January 26th, 2016


I am always trying to figure out what will work well when I need to haul equipment around and do video interviews.  I decided this morning to do a bit of casual suit look for traveling downtown and walking a bunch.  I asked the husband if this worked and he said I looked like a reporter, which isn't entirely inaccurate I guess.  Insert weird scrunched up confused face.


This is a lot of black, but it also looked a bit more pulled together than jeans, so if it's black or jeans, I'm going black today.  I wore a blue top and a blue and yellow scarf that my MIL got for me in Thailand. I like that the scarf is a bit more fun than just everything else on it's own, especially since this outfit is so dark.  By the way, the boots are new from Old Navy and they are sooooo comfortable.  Imagine this with my blue spiked computer bag that I left at work.

Skull earrings :: gift from sister
Pendant :: gift from husband
Scarf :: gift from mother-in-law
Black blazer :: H&M
Blue tank :: Old Navy
Black pants :: JCPenney
Black booties :: Old Navy

Blogoversary # 6, Monday, Januaury 25th, 2016

Even with my confession last week, I've still been taking biog photos.  In fact, I can't believe that I've been doing this blog for 6 years, but it's totally true.  I still want to take pictures though especially when it's for my blogoversary, so here's what I wore on Monday, January 25, 2016.  FYI, I started posting in February 2010, but I started doing pictures in January 2010!


I'm wearing very typical me clothes because it seemed fitting for an anniversary and because I am up at 6:00 and at work for 6:30am on Mondays.  I wore my red sweater dress from Old Navy, a striped really old sweater from the Gap, black tights, and a pair of boots.  I wish I had time to do more with my hair, but sleep wasn't happening easily.  Let's just say my roommate (the Kid) has been waking up and partying.  So rude.


Skull stud earrings :: gift from sister
Pendant :: gift from husband
Striped sweater :: Banana Republic (old)
Red sweater dress :: Old Navy
Tights :: We Love Colors
Shoes:: Old Navy

Poor Self Esteem=Less Photos

I'm sure you've noticed over the last few years that I go through spurts of time where I'm blogging regularly, even more than once a week.  Then, there are times when I'm not posting anything for a month.  I've been especially lax over the last year about taking outfit photos, and I know it's because I'm hating my figure right now.

Hate seems like a really strong word, but it's accurate.  My self-esteem has taken a nose dive when it comes to my shape.  I am frustrated with my inability to find time to eat properly, work out, and with the new roundness of my stomach post-pregnancy.  I don't like looking in the mirror let alone capturing myself in photos and posting them on the Internet.

Here are my problems:

  1. I have gained 10 pounds post-pregnancy on top of 10 pounds of baby weight I never lost.  That's 20 pounds that seems to be sitting on my tummy.
  2. I am more fixated on my size and shape than I am on getting healthy.  I should be worried about being in great shape and feeling good, but I just zero in on that tummy every time.
  3. My "temporary" wardrobe is not a cohesive style because I chose everything quickly to have work clothes.  I tried buying basics, replacements of old favorites that didn't work, and pieces I just loved.  In the end, I have a mish mash of stuff that isn't easy to wear and that doesn't quite fit properly.
  4. I can't find much time or usually energy to shop for food properly or work out.  Plus, the Kid is suddenly not sleeping well a few times a week.  Sleep seems more important than those other two when given a choice.
  5. I don't know how I want to dress.  I know that I want easy, and that I like black and white with jewel tones accents.  I want timeless with a bit of edge, but I don't have an icon in mind or a style or anything.  See #4 for lack of time to find such a muse.
  6. I keep beating myself up for not being able to overcome or feel good despite #s 1-5.  I really don't know how to give myself a break on any of these fronts.  I'm definitely at the "Mom phase" where I never feel like I'm doing everything well.
So what next?  I don't know.  I know what I don't want but that's not much help.  I keep thinking I'll find a rhythm with my new reality, but I never quite get there.  I could try setting goals, but I'm just worried I'll beat myself up even more if I can't meet them.  I think typing this all out is the first step to figure out what's next.

Feel free to send suggestions my way because nothing could be worse than my sitting around moping.