Manhattan, Central Park in Photos

Rather than combine long posts of outfit photos and Manhattan trip photos, I thought I'd show you some of the fun shots I got while hauling my DSLr around.  Mostly, I focused on Central Park because who can resist turning leaves.  We don't really get a proper fall this far south.  I'll do another set of photos from my trip to the Catskill Mountains next week.






???, Monday, September 15th, 2014


Are question marks an acceptable title for a blog post where I can't remember what I did?  Here's what I remember:  I went to work early because this was a Monday, and I wore a new pencil skirt from the maternity store.  I managed to wear heels that I'm totally in love with.  Yep, that's it.


Printed top :: Banana Republic outlet
Blue tank :: Loft
Maroon pencil skirt :: Destination Maternity outlet
Double strap sandals :: Marshalls

Kick in the Pants, Wednesday, September 10th, 2014

I went shopping last night for some yarn at Michaels, which happens to be next to Marshalls.  I figured why not stop in and see if they have any affordable sports bras and slips, things that I actually need right now.  But, then I kept staring at the pretty shoes on clearance, the impractical, unnecessary, may not fit my feet post-kid shoes.


I've been buying lots of clothes lately that were purely practical for my impending expansion into a balloon.  Making smart choices is awesome for my budget, but man is it boring as hell to get dressed.  I'm honestly a little tired of black dresses and neutral colors.  I miss my blue pencil skirt and my arsenal of perfectly curated closet options.  All of those feelings combined when I saw these pretty, pink shoes, so I caved in and spent $18.


I looked at them and thought, "What a lovely neutral on a reasonable block heel?"  They made my dumpy black dress feel a little more special, and I wondered if I could wear them to my cousin's wedding in a few weeks.  I wondered how they'd look with jeans and blazers.  It was a nice kick in the pants to realize I'm allowed to be a little frivolous and incorporate more color and fun into my clothes.  I will not (sarcasam) be shopping for discounted/sale pencil skirts in bright colors after writing this. 

Gold saxophone pendant :: made my aunt
Cream top :: Forever21+
Black tank :: Loft
Black skirt :: Forever21+
Pink strappy heels :: Marshalls

Johnny Cash in Tweed, Thursday, September 4th, 2014

I like a good all black outfit these days.  Yes, it's hot, so this is counter intuitive.  Also, I'm ready to look pregnant, but black has that slimming effect that hides my food baby/pre-bump.  I'm nothing if not a walking contradiction it seems.  Black also just kind of feels awesome like I'm cool like Johnny Cash.  I'm not actually cool, but I like the way I look, and that's all that really counts, right? 


To achieve all this black, I paired a new maternity top with plus size jeans and dark boots.  Right now, this top looks more like a tunic, and I love that shape anyway.  Why not wear it a bit early and get more cost per wear?  Plus, I'm not gonna pretend that I'm not tired of wearing the same stuff over and over.  I have just a few normal sized tops left that fit (maybe 5) and limited choice in bottoms (i.e. skinny dark jeggings, black jeggings, black pants, black and white harem pants, black skater skirt, black bandage skirt).  Maybe I am turning into Johnny Cash if he were a 36 year old female New Orleanian who worked in an air conditioned office. 


A lot of people would suggest playing with what's in my closet to get some new ideas of what I can wear with limited choices.  Honestly, I really think the solution here is to add a bit more color.  I'm thinking when I get bigger, a dress in a color and a printed pencil skirt might go a long way.  I can do a lot more mixing and matching then and feel less blah looking into my closet. 


What do you guys think about capsule or limited wardrobes?  How do you get the most bang out of your limited bucks?  Also, too much black?

Gold heart charm :: gift from husband
Tweed jacket :: The Limited (old)
Black maternity top :: Asos
Black tank :: Loft
Black jeggings :: Forever21+
Black boots :: DSW

Pregnancy and Flaws

I'm not different than many women who have struggled with things they don't like about their bodies.  For me, it always has been my lack of a tiny waist and my larger thighs.  Those areas combine to give me a bit of a barrel shape from the boobs down.  It took me years and lots of What Not to Wear episodes to realize that clothes that didn't flatter me were the problem, not my shape.  I now follow the attitude that I'm built this way, and if you don't like it, you can go **** yourself.
I worried a bit that pregnancy and the lack of control I had over my body's changes would make me highly self-conscious about those areas or new ones.  It's not like I could exercise or eat myself into a precious little bump and a size 6 physique.  I was especially wary that someone would be like, "you look like you've gained weight."  And I'd be like, "yeah, it's due to this person I'm growing in my abdomen."  Nobody wants to play the "I'm not fat, I'm pregnant" card. 
The first five months I looked like I'd given up healthy eating and exercising, which bugged me a bit.  I didn't want to be perceived as having just gained 10-15 pounds, but I knew that foolishly worrying about that stuff was a waste of time.  So, I wore my bikini to the beach, and my tights to ballet.  My day-to-day clothes were looser, but if I'm honest, I was more comfortable that way because my pregnancy didn't have to be a topic of conversation unless I wanted to bring it up.
I eagerly anticipated actually having a bump the entire time I just looked chubby.  I don't know if I wanted the proof to show my weight gain wasn't from dropping off the healthy food wagon or if I just really like those tight maternity dresses.  The style is pretty counterintuitive for me considering my fear of getting a lot of uncomfortable, unwanted attention.  Even still, there was something empowering about being able to show off my body knowing that no one can say anything because of my situation (the bun in my oven).
What I'm really hoping now that I'm showing off my shape a bit more is that I can carry that confidence with me after the kid gets here.  I know I'm not going to boomerang back into my pre-baby stuff and that life will be capital letters hectic.  I sincerely hope that any new flaws I spot (stretch marks, sagginess, unanticipated whatever) can be viewed by me in the same screw the world light.  Really, there's only so much I would be able to do then like there's only so much I can do now.  Other people's opinions will need to remain way lower on the scale of importance than my own feelings of self-worth.

Where My Head Is, Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014

I know my head should probably be focused on a lot of things right now.  I should be scheming ways to find a new house since we've been looking for four months with no real success.  I should be deciding if I need to list my house without having a new place to move.  I should be thinking about baby shiz like furniture and more serious stuff like estate planning.  But, I'm not.


We finally finished the bulk of the renovations to our house, and it's livable and pleasant.  I didn't have to spend the entire weekend on my hands and knees or covered in paint.  In fact, there are only two projects left on the list, and I can whip those out in an hour or two.  I'm spending my time relaxing and anticipating many weekends at the beach with my family. 


Sometimes, when you work really hard for 10 weeks straight, you need a break whether that break is convenient or not.  I'm taking mine now while it's still an option.  Everything else can get figured out in a few days--post-beach, post-ocean, post-family time.

Long necklace :: Topshop
Grey swing dress : Asos maternity
Black flats :: DSW

Random, True Things 9

  1. I always wanted to be at least 5 foot 6 inches growing up because that's the shortest I heard runway models could be.  I never really dreamed of being a runway model though.
  2. I picture myself at the beach in a hammock when I can't sleep at night because of stress.
  3. I love croissants from this one place in my neighborhood but try not to go there too often for fear of all the butter navigating straight to my thighs.
  4. I don't care how childish it is, I love ketchup on my hot dogs.  It's delicious.
  5. It's hard to explain my job description to people.  My title is vague at best and I do like four or five different things.  I'm never sure anyone actually understands what I do.