Finding a New Fit

I credit blogging with helping me become an ace shopper.  After four years, I can tell in person and online what cuts of clothing will usually work well for me.  I've honed in on brands that sell items in my size that are flattering.  I've got a set of stores I can turn to when I need something special or something basic.  Sadly, having a baby has changed my shape and threw all that hard work out the window. 
I'm about three weeks away from going back to work as I type this, and I need to rebuild my business casual wardrobe as well as my casual wardrobe.  I knew shopping wouldn't be easy, and it might be a blow to my ego.  Still, I wasn't prepared for how hard the changes in my body would be to handle.  I asked my good friend, Elle, to come along on my first serious shopping trip.

I wanted to find a dress I would feel pretty in for a family photo shoot for me, the husband, and the kid.  I must have tried on 15 dresses at least while Elle and I were out, and nothing felt amazing.  I was getting frustrated, and she kindly reminded me that I just had a baby.  I realized I was basically having to learn how to shop all over again.  This trip was a preview of the work I was going to have to put in rebuilding my closet.

I ended up returning the dress she and I saw for another option that I like much better on a later shopping trip.  I told myself that I would spend a few hours this next time looking at things and find out what waist line works for me, what areas of my body I'm comfortable showing off, and what I want to hide.  It ended up being a loooooong day between all of the trying on and the bit of deflation at being a larger size, but I got some great stuff. 

It's not easy rebuilding a wardrobe no matter what changes you've experienced in your body.  What I've learned is that I need to be patient, diligent, and forgiving of my flaws.  It took me by surprise how affected I was by little things like a size or a tight fit, but in the end, I still found things that make me feel great.  Anybody else have a similar experience where they've experienced a drastic shift in how they have to shop?


Life Lately

It's time for another round of what's happening in my life lately.  I'm still at home on maternity leave which means a lot of these bottles.  The kid needed formula to help her get bigger, so I fill and then wash a bunch of these guys.  There's always one on my coffee table, in my sink waiting to be washed, or in my fridge waiting to be eaten.

photo 4

Why yes, that is a giant blurry picture of Stevie Wonder on a projection screen.  Elle got last minute tickets to see Stevie Wonder live in concert.  She asked if the husband and I wanted to go and, of course, we said yes.  The show was awesome but soooo long.  I was exhausted by the time we got home after midnight, but I wouldn't have traded the opportunity for anything.  I owe Elle something really cool!

photo 3

I got to go shopping uninterrupted a few weeks ago at Stein Mart and picked up a blue shirt that you've already seen on the blog.  I thought about getting these sunglasses, but they seemed way over the top.  Note the fun hat that I am wearing to obscure the fact that my hair is a hot mess.  Also, observe that black and white dress from Kmart I wear all the time.

photo 2

This last photo is from my first solo grocery trip with the kid.  She doesn't like her photo taken any more than her father.  Putting that little hand right up and obscuring herself from the paparazzi/her mom.  There is a great joy suddenly in being able to do things on my own with the baby.  I can't believe how accomplished I felt after just buying a few groceries this afternoon.

photo 1

Taxes and Oysters, Friday, March 20th, 2015

This is not an April Fool's post; I just happen to post on Wednesdays lately.  I am wearing another blue top because apparently I only like the color blue, but I swear this is a slightly different outfit from the last post.


My occasions for romantic interludes are often partnered with the more mundane sides of life since the kid arrived.  It's efficient and convenient to maximize babysitter time on days like today by say going to see your accountant and then eating the super early bird special dinner.  The husband and I saw an ad for 50 cent oysters, so we stopped at a place called Cafe B.  The oysters were delicious and so were the cocktails and the $18 three course menu.  All finished and back home before 5:30pm like we were over 70!


I found this top at Stein Mart on another kid free outing a week or so before.  For $15 it seemed like a good investment to hide my stomach.  I know that I've only had a baby like 7 weeks ago but I hate having the paunch and don't have time at the moment to exercise.  $15 seemed like an excellent investment to feel sleek and cool in a pair of jeans.  Also, I wore heels because I knew my clumsy a** wouldn't be carrying anything more than a few tax documents and a tiny purse.  Little victories, friends.


Blue asymmetric top :: Stein Mart
Skinny jeans :: Forever21+
Long necklace :: Forever21
Tan platform sandals :: Dr. Scholls

Mommy's Night Out, Friday, March 6th, 2015


I got to go out and see my favorite band in the world, Gogol Bordello, and get a good night's sleep at the same time.  It was overwhelmingly awesome.  I got my amazing parents to watch the kid overnight, so the husband and I could be free and unencumbered.  We borrowed his Dad's condo for the night and headed to the French Quarter.  


I got to try a new restaurant, drink like a grownup and sleep uninterrupted for 7.5 hours.  I counted because it's very important to me suddenly how many hours I sleep at a time.  I miss those 9 hour days so much.  Anyway, the band was awesome.  I love me some gypsy punk and Gogol Bordello always delivers.  You should check them out online here.


For the occasion I wanted to look appropriate for a rock concert, but I needed to be able to walk long distances and eat somewhere nice-ish.  I settled on a this blue top, skinny jeans, ankle boots, curly hair, minimal jewelry and makeup.  I put on real adult makeup including lots of eyeliner for fun.   I also wore a leather jacket and a scarf but I didn't remember to get pictures of those.  Excellent times were had, my friends, and I can't way to do it again soon.


Hoop earrings :: NY&Co.
Pipe necklace :: gift from Mom
Blue top :: Asos Curve
Black skinny jeans :: Forever21+
Black ankle boots :: DSW

You Have a Baby in a Bar, Sunday, March 1st, 2015


Have you guys ever seen that movie Sweet Home Alabama?  There's a scene where Reese Witherspoon looks at an old friend and says, 'You have a baby.... in a bar."  Well, so did I on this particular day, two bars in fact.  Elle and I took the Kid to see her dad's band play at a local benefit for a kids' sports team.  Technically, we were in a bar, but it was a family friendly bar (maybe that's only a Louisiana thing).  Then, we went to visit her aunt at another bar/restaurant.  The Kid gets around.

Baby sling sans the Kid

I wore this dress because it's really easy to unzip and feed/pump for the little one.  I also liked that the stripes distract from any misshappenness I feel is going on post-pregnancy.  It's a new purchase from Kmart!  I also sported my fabulous baby sling, which I finally managed to get a picture of.  Lucky you guys!


Pearl mesh earrings :: gift from husband
Mother of pearl bracelet :: gift from MIL
Twisty silver bracelet :: no idea
Green sweater :: Ruche
Stripe dress :: Kmart
Black booties :: Target

Groceries and a Movie, Saturday, February 28th, 2015

I want to be witty, but my brain isn't working that well.  I guess that's what happens when you really need a bit of sleep.  Soooo, here's my outfit from when the husband and I got out the first time alone since the Kid was born.  I wanted to remind him that I could still look nice if I tried, and this dress is easily adaptable to feeding her.


We went to see the Kingsman and bought groceries instead of getting dinner.  Sure, it messes with the whole dinner and a movie scenario but we really needed groceries more than a meal out.  We've actually eaten out a lot just not alone together.  Another time, I'm sure!  Also, the Kingsmen was awesome.


Pearl mesh earrings :: gift from husband
Copper pipe necklace :: gift from Mom
Black slip :: Marshalls
Black dress :: Marshalls
Black tights :: no idea
Black booties :: Target

Grey Matches, Thursday, February 12th, 2015

This outfit is brought to you by actually shaving my legs for the first time in too long to admit to on the Internet.  I miss my dresses and skirts, which is challenging because only this one fits well right now, but hey it's basic black and goes with grey.  The rest of the motivation for this outfit was being able to wear my baby sling, which is grey, to the grocery store without looking nuts.  So, I added a grey t-shirt with ducks printed on the back.  Makes sense to me, so it works right. 


I was going to get pictures of the baby sling but apparently it's hard to do that plus empty the car of groceries, Popeye's chicken (cause it's close to Mardi Gras), a baby, and move cars back into my driveway.  I did get pictures of me, so that's got to count for something.  Nothing particularly interested happened while I was at the store.  Basically no one even noticed there was a kid in my sling.  I think they must've thought I was really into Grecian fashion cause my brother says the sling looks like a toga.  


Grey tank :: Loft
Grey duck t-shirt :: Anthropologie
Black pencil skirt :: Forever21+
Skull converse :: Custom from Converse site