Feeling Sex-Ay, Wednesday, August 5th, 2015


I got this skirt from Forever21+ last month and I immediately fell in love because it makes me feel sex-ay.  Not just sexy, but sex-ay because it's that hot.  I wore this outfit once before with a black shirt rather than a navy one and got a bunch of compliments at work.  I don't know if that means it's super flattering or if I just exude confidence when I wear it.  Either way this look is on repeat lately.


Moroccan pendant :: gift from husband
Black cardigan :: Target
Navy tank :: Old Navy
Grey midi skirt :: Forever21+
Nude heeled sandals :: Marshalls

Short Break

Hello, all!  I'm going to take a short break for a week or two while I try to catch up offline.  I do have some photos on my camera card, so I will get them up soon.  I promise.  Hope everyone is doing well.  I'll be stalking you on Bloglovin.


Shopping Bags in July 2015

Shopping...  there was lots of it this month.  I hit an outlet mall, and all of those annoying banner ads tricked me into going to the ModCloth plus size section for new basics.  I ordered, I tried on, and I returned some stuff that didn't work.  I definitely shopped hardcore this month, but I'm so emphatic that I fit into my clothes.  No more awkward fits even if cash is spent.
July 2015
A $10 stacked faux gold and silver ring from the Ann Taylor outlet store was just a nice present to myself on a girls weekend.  It's a nice reminder to take time for myself and to always catch up with good friends.
A $60 pair of skinny jeans from Torrid are my first purchase there ever.  I tried on these pants and started to swoon because they fit so well.  Jeans for the win.
A $25 black t-shirt tunic from Modcloth is just so comfortable.  I've already worn this to lounge around the house, and I think it's going to be a great long travel day option, too.
A $35 red cardigan from Modcloth is a nice break from all the black and white and blue I wear.  I like having a contrasting cardigan to throw on, and red looks good with all three of those colors.

Happy Anniversary, the Husband

I know you're not going to read this anyway, husband, but here I go.  Happy Anniversary.  We've been a couple for 19 years, enjoyed 14 years of marriage, called 7 places home, purchased 3 houses together, lived in 2 different states, and shared 6 months with our beautiful little girl.  I love you now and I will forever... or at least until I can find your warranty to trade up for the new model.  Just kidding!

Permission to Shop

I'm giving myself permission to go shopping for beautiful, well-fitting clothes.  You see I haven't had much clothing that "fit well" in the last 18 months.  First, I gained some weight, then I lost it, and immediately got pregnant.  Said baby popped out, but left some pounds and new proportions on my frame. 
Post-baby, I wasn't going to shop for anything that wasn't for nursing or part of my "tide me over capsule collection."  I felt guilty shopping because I have this closet full of clothes that I could fit into if I lost 10-15 pounds.  But, like all huge life changes (moving, new job, illness), my tiny one is altering the way I approach and prioritize everything. 
I'm relearning how to accomplish the most basic things.  It's hard to grocery shop, definitely to cook, and even more so to workout.  Plus, it's dawning on me that much of my old closet isn't really something I'm missing.  I look at it hanging there and think, "I could totally donate that" or worse, "Did I ever really like that?"
I reached the end of my shame spiral last week and decided to take a break on the weight loss front.  I want to be healthier, and I want to work out, but some days, I have trouble making sure there are enough clean clothes and dishes.  You need to crawl before you walk (baby pun intended).  There's time for me to transition back into the harder to stuff once I master the day-to-day of my new life.
After unplugging from my weight loss app, I went online Friday and bought a bunch of stuff to try from ModCloth's plus size section.  Pretty, practical, flexible pieces that suit what I'm into right now.  I also walked into a Torrid this weekend and bought my slightly larger butt a pair of jeans that make my heart sing.  Jeans, while not a right in any country, are definitely a must have in my book. 
Until now, I've beaten myself up too much and not exalted myself enough.  Clothes are too important to me and to my self-esteem to be a low priority.  I should not feel bad about using my own resources to buy beautiful clothes that actually fit.  I'm really lucky that I can afford to spend on things that will allow me to express myself through personal style.  So, I'm going to do just that.
Have you guys ever experienced a shame spiral you brought entirely upon yourself?

Birthday Look, July 7th, 2015


The husband surprised me with a dinner out on my birthday.  I wasn't expecting it, but I was wearing a new dress that's much like an old dress, but better.  The new one looks great from the front and the back and it has pockets, the holy grail of womens clothing.  The old dress looked great from the front but did weird things to my butt.  I promise not to show you pictures of that weirdness because even I have my oversharing limits!


Dinner was delicious and included martinis which are, as you guys already know, one of my favorites.  Since it was my birthday I had to do the number with hands, but I had to do separate hands for the 3 and the 7, so please enjoy the goofy face in the first photo and the slightly less goofy face in the second.


Glasses :: Rivet & Sway
Moroccan tile pendant :: gift from husband
Striped dress :: Forever21+
Belt :: NY&Co. (old)
Black clogs :: Dansko

Letters to the Kid, Satisfaction in Place of Perfection

This continues a series of letters I'm writing to my daughter.  I want to impart knowledge, advice, and a positive sense of self to that little girl, so this project has deep meaning for me.  I think they apply just as much to little ladies as they do to fully grown people in general.

Dear the Kid,
There's one word I've had a lot of trouble with lately, "Perfect."  It seems so innocuous, but perfect causes so much trouble.  I, your perfectionist, type A Mom, let the idea of perfection get to me in the worst possible ways over and over again.  I create a standard in my head that is completely unachievable, and measure myself as lacking when I don't get there in so many areas of my life. 

I have strived to look perfect, behave perfectly, have perfect clothes, lead a perfect life, but those are elusive and impossible tasks.  I find that when I aim for perfection I'm always disappointed.  That's because there isn't really a true perfect, despite what you read, see, and hear, especially from social media.  Instead, I have decided to strive for satisfaction in place of perfection. 

I can achieve satisfaction in my physical self, my attitude toward the world, in my day-to-day interactions and personal relationships, through my life choices, and with my goals.  I want you to understand that this attitude can bring you so much more in life. 

Be satisfied with the amount of work you put into projects, at home, into relationships.  Be satisfied with how you look naked, in clothes, in pictures.  Be satisfied with how you love, who you love, and how you are in every fiber of your being.  Be satisfied with the choices you will make in easy times and very rough ones. 

Satisfaction doesn't mean you have to just accept how things are, and it doesn't mean you can't have regrets.  Learn from your mistakes and choose to change the things that will make you better and stronger.  Work out to be fit, eat healthy to feed your body, switch careers if you need to. Change your attitude, your friends, and definitely your underwear.  Just remember that you should work towards a feeling of satisfaction in life rather than an unattainable goal that will tear you down.

With Unending, Bottomless Love,

Your Mom