Tuesday, November 27th, 2012

It's been awhile since I've taken any outfit shots because I've been channeling all of my energy into getting ahead with our rental house.  I only went into work Monday the week of Thanksgiving, so I could spend the rest of the time painting, prepping, sanding and what not.  I even hung some molding by myself which you guys should be super proud of.  I know my way around a mitre saw, but it is not easy to hang molding by a ceiling on your own.  Just call me Strong Sarah!


So, I did take Thanksgiving off, but I didn't feel like taking photos.  I just figured I'd wear my outfit again soon, so I did today.  The only major difference is that I am wearing tights with my boots since it's cold and rainy as opposed to Thanksgiving's beautiful warmth.  I got this cardigan in the mail a few weeks ago to help keep me warm with it's long sleeves and bright green color.  I liked it immediately with my favorite shade of blue in this Asos dress.  I added a skinny grommetted belt, my black knee high heeled boots, a gold ring from Margaret Elizabeth, my floral enamel pin, and simple pyramid stud earrings from Anthropologie.


My hair is a hot mess today because I hate growing it out so much and because it's also raining.  I didn't see the point of taking an extra 15 minutes to blow dry and straighten it when the minute I walk outside it will become a frizzly puffed out mess.  I'm also wearing my glasses because my eyes are tired of contacts.  Plus, who am I kidding, I love these things.

Today's agenda is back to work which feels so strange and almost relaxing after doing so much physical labor.  There's a new video project to start editing, a new project to start planning, and an old project to quickly finish up. After work, I need to see a man about rotten porch wood and then see two amazing friends for their saxophone recital.  I anticipate much drinking and eating post-recital and I can't wait.


  1. I really like the green cardigan! I bet wearing such a bold, pretty color is a real mood lifter.

    Your hair is growing out nicely!

    1. Thanks, lisa, i really like that cardigan and cant wear it enough

  2. I like the teal sweater, and the pin is really cute. I have been growing my hair out forever. It's not fun!